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The DorrCan

The DorrCan

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The DorrCan by Handicans! The handy ergonomic 13 gallon kitchen trash can that will change your life as you remove full trash bags outwards instead of upwards:

The numerous benefits of the DorrCan include:

  • Independence
  • Convenience
  • Cleanliness
  • Comfort
  • Accessibility



The ergonomic and easy to use design lets you take care of yourself without needing to rely on help from others!

This helps preserve your autonomy, whether aging in place or living with an injury or disability, the DorrCan places the power in your hands to empty the trash can!



It's never been easier to empty the trash! Say goodbye to putting off emptying the trash can until it piles up and becomes a hassle. Why fight heavy trash bags that can rip, spill, and get stuck when you can use a DorrCan and pull it outwards - stop fighting gravity!



There is nothing more disgusting than a heaping pile of trash.

This becomes a problem for too many of us as we put off emptying the trash can. It piles up and becomes a breeding ground for flies, roaches, and mice.

With the DorrCan the hassle is taken out of taking out the trash, it gets taken out more often stopping pests from getting a chance to infest your home!



Why fight gravity - lifting heavy trash bags over 4 feet into the air, or bending and stooping to mess with the trash bag?

Save your back and shoulders from bending low and lifting high with the DorrCan!

The outwards removal saves your shoulders and the raised base eliminates the need to bend and stoop!



We believe that everyone deserves the dignity of taking care of themselves and keeping their homes clean.

The DorrCan was designed with accessibility in mind, allowing people with with wheelchairs, limited mobility, and other disabilities greater opportunity to maintain their homes.

The stacked doors collapse upon themselves to allow users to get closer to the DorrCan without needing to move around,


Features and Dimensions:

  • 34" H x 14" L x 12" W
  • Made of sturdy galvanized steel and aluminum, weighing 20 lbs
  • Holds standard 13 gallon kitchen trash bags
  • Spring loaded lid holds open when in use
  • Recessed handle on rear helps for moving around the trash can
  • Strong magnets hold the doors closed
  • Felt pads on the bottom prevent scratching the floor
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Stacked doors for a closer approach
  • Retainer ring holds trash bags securely in place


Currently the DorrCan is only available in the contiguous United States


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