About Us

Here at Handicans we provide ergonomic trash receptacles designed for accessibility.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of every person with whom we interact, be they a customer, community member, employee, partner, or shareholder; we do so by adding value and providing quality, such that the struggles in people’s lives become easier to bear and they are left better off than when we met them.

We are working toward a world where everyone can keep their homes and business clean with greater ease and accessibility, such that their homes, workplaces, and the surrounding environment may be a source of peace and pride for everyone.

Our values include:


  • We seek to add value by providing convenient, effective, durable, and useful products to our customers. We continue to seek new ways to improve our existing trash cans, as well as other trash can options and accessories that can continue to improve people’s quality of life.


  • We seek to provide ergonomic and easy to use products to allow greater independence and the ability to rely on oneself to clean and maintain their homes and work spaces, regardless of an individual’s level of mobility. Our trash cans are designed to reduce the force needed to lift a trash bag, reduce how much a person bends over to remove the trash bag, and are wheelchair friendly.

Environmental sustainability

  • We seek to be mindful of the impact we have on the environment, particularly in the materials we use and the trash bags that may be used along with it. Our trash cans are made mostly out of aluminum, an infinitely recyclable resource. Our trash cans also make compostable plant plastic trash bags a more useful alternative, since the outward removal makes them less likely to rip and tear in our trash cans compared to traditional trash cans.

American made

  • We seek to use American materials and labor to the best of our ability. Over 65% of our material costs are sourced here in America, with 100% of our assembly happening here in the U.S.


The Handicans brand has been developed with significant help from James Madison University, and it is truly appreciated.

Contact us directly at support@handicans.com