Why Handicans?

The DorrCan from Handicans can help make your life better in multiple ways:

Maintain Independence!

Accessibility means you can continue to take care of yourself without having to rely on others!


Taking out the trash doesn't have to be a hassle, and removing your trash bag is easier than ever using the DorrCan!

Keep Your Home Clean!

The easy to use design makes you less likely to put off taking out your trash- keeping your home cleaner and more comfortable!

Prevent Pain and Injury!

Pulling a full bag out instead of up stops the fight against gravity, saving your back and shoulders from potential pain and injury!

Wheelchair Friendly!

Everyone deserves to live in a clean home, our wheelchair friendly trashcan makes it easier for everyone to take out the trash!

Table showing the the DorrCan by Handicans is different from competitors by eliminating the need to lift, eliminating hte need to bend over, being wheelchair friendly, and easy to clean. Both the DorrCan and competiors can use standard 13 gallon trash bags and are aesthetically pleaseing. The DorrCan is avaialble for a sale price of 198.73 and competitors are available at 199.95